Pay Back to Society

Our great forefathers and foremothers such as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Rashtrapita Jyotiba Phule and many Mulnivasi social transformers, have devoted whole of their lives, knowledge, time, money, and made countless other sacrifices, to liberate us from Brahminical slavery so that we live like respectable humans. They did not accumulate any resources despite having ability to do so; in fact they suffered financially for us. We have got benefitted from their missionary work and we owe to them and to the society which produced and supported such leaders and their social movement.

Their work has created a sizable educated and earning class who can spare some surplus resources, time and talent for the social movement. This beneficiary class of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj now needs to wake up and do something positive for the upliftment of its brethren from the slavery and inhuman life in this independent India. In a way this class needs to Pay Back to the Society from which it has taken loan for his or her liberation. Are you ready for paying this back to society? One way is to contribute financially and support the national social movement to create a just society. You understand that freedom does not come  free of cost. Some money has to be spent. Some people have to work; they have to forgo their wages. Some have to leave their jobs and work only for the social movement. We need to train all who are willing undertake the missionary work. We need to build infrastructure, create our own media, publish literature and organize programs. All these activities require money and the more money we have, the better we can organize this social movement.

So we are keen to build financial strength so that we can achieve our goal to liberate our brethren. We would like to assure you that your money will be in safe hands.

Mulnivasi Sangh is an organization of honest and committed cadres. There is a laid down and democratic process to take all decisions. No individual has freedom or authority to spend or accumulate funds at will. There are processes in place to keep a check on collection and spending.

We have a transparent accounting and financial management system. Your precious financial contribution will be utilized in most prudent manner for building and driving the social movement within the framework of the Constitution of India.

We appreciate your decision to Pay Back to Society.



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