Our Approach to solve Problems

Majority of the Mulnivasis are in the trap of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, violence, economic exclusion, atrocities and such other degrading conditions. The common causal factor in all these conditions is Brahminism manifested mainly through Patriarchy and Caste System. Caste is the ultimate tool to divide the majority and continue the minority rule. Through this tool the Brahminical forces have amassed rights and privileges for themselves and have abetted infighting within the Mulnivasi Bahujan community for continued hegemony of BKV.

The infighting has been engendered by the seed of graded inequality and inhumanity sowed by Caste which divided the Mulnivasi Bahujans in 6000 Castes. (More details about his can be found in section on "Mulnivasi Bahujans Identity"). While 85% Mulnivasi Bahujans kept fighting among themselves, minority BKV amassed all resources and avenues of power and became prosperous. Result, Mulnivasi Bahujans remained poor and powerless.

Along with Caste, patriarchy rooted in Brahminism has ensured continued subjugation of women-folk. It is no wonder that low status in Brahminism has been accorded to women across all Castes because all women are genetically linked to Mulnivasis and not to BKVs. So, the twin tenets of Brahminism: Caste and Patriarchy are ensuring misery for Mulnivasi men and women; and prosperity for BKVs. So, how can the socio-economic status of Mulnivasi men and women be improved from this miserable state?

Any strategy to solve our material and social problems and to improve our socio-economic status must essentially deal with the most important causal factor: which is Brahminism and its manifestation in the form of Caste and Patriarchy. And therefore we must uproot Brahminism. Brahminism being an ideology of inequality must be confronted with an ideology of equality: the Phule-Ambedkarite ideology. So, uprooting of Brahminism is contingent upon spreading of Phule-Ambedkarite ideology. However, propagation of any ideology needs a strong and sustainable organisation of Mulnivasi Bahujans, whose members work with missionary zeal to take the ideology forward into the society. It is on this philosophy, Mulnivasi Sangh has been founded. The Policies and Programs of Mulnivasi Sangh have been designed for restructuring of existing social order by organizing the 6000 victim castes divided into SC, ST, OBC and Religious Minorities under one identity of Mulnivasi Bahujans.

Various programs and campaigns that we undertake from time to time to address material and social problems of Mulnivasis are based on these ideological foundations. Whereas we do consider it necessary to provide immediate relief to suffering Mulnivasis by taking up various agitations (to fulfil our objectives which have been already discussed under the section “Objectives of Mulnivasi Sangh”), we are of firm belief that unless an existing social order is changed, our material and social problems cannot be permanently solved. This means we must work towards creation of ideal society based on the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice as articulated in our section on “Vision”. To sum up, Mulnivasi Sangh is not only committed to address contemporary problems of Mulnivasi Bahujans but also strives for creation of a just society to make lives of our future generation discrimination-free, secure and humane.

The approach followed by the Mulnivasi Sangh in solving the problems of Mulinivasis is the one given by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: Educate, Organize and Agitate. Here the meaning of education is not limited to being able to read and write or holding diplomas and degrees. Here education means being aware of the history of our society, the problems of our society, the causes behind the problems, the contributions our foremothers and forefathers in solving those problems and the current situation. You would appreciate that in our formal education system one would never get educated on the above aspects as the system is deliberately designed to keep such information away from people. Hence, it is necessary that we take up this task of ‘educating’ the Mulnivasis about the above aspects.

The Mulnivasi Sangh strives to do this through the Cadre Camps and Corner Meetings in which our trained cadres talk to people about these issues and educate them. At slightly bigger levels, Workshops are organized for the purpose. State and National level Conventions are also organized once in a year to spread awareness about the burning issues and also to decide future course of action for the movement. The Mulnivasi Sangh also brings out periodic Newsletters (See the details under Section on Join Our Newsletter) to educate people about the issues and to keep them updated about the activities of Mulnivasi Sangh. People who are educated about the history of our society, the problems and the causes behind those problems are motivated to do something about it. They are motivated about bringing the change and are looking for opportunities to do so.

The Mulnivasi Sangh provides them a platform to come together along with million others to form a critical mass that has the strength necessary to bring about the change we want. The events like Cadre Camps and Mulnivasi Melas are organized to bring people in the organization. In a democracy the real strength lies in the numbers and hence it is important to unite. Mulnivasis are numerically majority (Bahujans with 85% of India’s population). But this numeric majority needs to be converted into social and political majority by annihilating the Caste and uprooting Brahminism.

Mulnivasi Sangh serves this purpose of uniting all those who want to bring about a change and create a society that is based on equality, liberty, fraternity and justice. As an organization of educated, committed and motivated people, the Mulnivasi Sangh places highest importance on internal democracy and runs on the very values it aspires to bring in our society. Every individual member of the organization working for the cause is equally important in the organization and no one is above the organization. The structure and functioning of the Mulnivasi Sangh is truly democratic and only such organization can be said to be ready for a long term peaceful social revolution that we intend to have.

But an organization is not an end in itself; it is a means to bring about the change we want. And this change can come only through agitation. The agitation here doesn’t only mean coming out on the road and shouting against the injustice but also includes the rigorous preparation and advanced homework that is needed for a real change. Having a clear understanding of the problems, working on the details and coming up with best possible solutions is the task the Mulnivasi Sangh does before it strives for the solutions. The State and National level Conventions are organized to deliberate on problems/issues and to come up with the well defined strategies. These strategies are then broken into doable activities which are taken up at various levels. Unlike BAMCEF, the Mulnivasi Sangh is free from certain constraints and is ready to agitate and come out on the roads but of course in a peaceful manner and within the legal framework and rights given by the constitution. The agitations are taken up to fight against the wrongs done against the Mulnivasi Bahujans and also for the enforcement of our Fundamental Rights. One of the most important approaches is to act as a pressure group and influence the governments to bring about necessary changes in the form of legislations. Through pressure politics, Mulnivasi Sangh also influences the electoral politics of the day, though we are not directly involved in electoral politics. To sum up, we in Mulnivasi Sangh intend to achieve our objective of the Ideal Society, as Malcolm X said, ‘by any means necessary’ and provided to us by Constitution of India.



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