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The Government of India's permanent representative at UN has announced that in collaboration with some Indian and American NGOs respecting Dr. Babasahabeb Ambedkar, it is celebrating 125th Birth Anniversary. India's Brahminical media is reporting that this celebration is "by UN" whereas, this celebration is "at UN". This means that international body which represents the entire world is not officially celebrating (nowhere on its website UN has put such news or notification) but only India's representative at UN is celebrating.

However, what is even more serious is the same government of India, only 3 weeks back vehemently opposed the inclusion of Caste (& Caste based discrimination) in UN Special Rapporteur's report


(Read…/stung-by-un-report-on-caste-discrimina…/ and our comment on ‪#‎STOPDENYINGCASTEATUN‬). Is it not that Government is trying fool the millions of gullible followers of Babasaheb Ambedkar in the broad daylight by not only selecting talking about Ambedkar but also by deny & opposing the existence of Caste and Caste-based discrimination and inequality in India? Even look at the topic for a panel discussion "Combating inequalities for the achievement of SDGs". Why couldn't it phrase the topic as "Combating Caste-based inequalities for the achievement of SDGs"? You are celebrating Ambedkar who spent his entire life for annihilating the Caste and securing a justice for 85% of India's population who are victims of Caste and you don't want to talk about the Caste? Whose interests are you protecting: of beneficiaries of victims of the Caste? And how many Ambedkarite Mulnivasi Bahujans government has nominated to represent in such international forums in last 65 years? What would have been the case if parties following Phule-Ambedkarite ideologies rule the Center and also similar individuals represent us at UN?

Few months back, it was the same Government, which also blocked "recognition of the Caste as the major cause of exclusion" while formulating Sustainable Development Goals at UN (read the news here:…/sustainable-development-summit-…/). We should also remember that NDA Government had opposed discussion on Caste at the "UN World Conference Against Racism in Durban in 2001" and the UPA Government had opposed similar discussion in "Durban Review Conference in 2009". (read more here:…/global-casteism…/article401267.ece).

If we are not alert, ruling class can hide their omissions and commissions and can fool us by such token celebrations of Babasaheb Ambedkar who wanted to officially take the discussion on the Caste at UN and for which he had corresponded with WEB Dubois who had taken the problem of Racism in the United States to UN.




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