Mulnivasi Sangh is a national level socio-cultural organization of Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj. "Mulnivasi" is Hindi word which means "original inhabitants" or "indigenous" or "native". "Sangh" is another Hindi word which means "Organization" and the oldest and most potent organization for social change was "Buddhist Sangh" started by Gautam Buddha. Mulnivasi Sangh thus implies "Organization of Original Inhabitants of India". 

It works for the liberation of Mulnivasi Bahujans, constitutionally designated as SC/ST/OBC & Minorities from Brahminical slavery manifested through inhuman Caste system and Patriarchy. The organization is an Off-Shoot Wing of BAMCEF, created to build mass movement for peaceful social revolution aimed at establishment of just society by changing the existing social system.

It was formally started in 1993. It is important to understand why this year was chosen. The UN General Assembly had proclaimed 1993 the International Year of the World's Indigenous People, and the same year, the Assembly proclaimed the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People. Taking cue from UN, BAMCEF under the leadership of its Founder D.K.Khaparde Sahab, decided to educate and organize the Mulnivasis (indigenous people) of India on Mulnivasi identity and culture from this year onwards. This was done to restore Mulnivasi culture and glory by liberating Mulnivasi Bahujans from Brahminical culture. (Read more on Mulnivasi Bahujan identity in section “Mulnivasi Bahujan Identity”) To formally take up this work in a big way through mass movement, Mulnivasi Sangh was started in 1993 and got formally registered in 2005 (when second UN International Decade began) under Societies Registration Act-1860 with Registration Number 52349. In the year 2012, different off-shoot wings of BAMCEF were merged into Mulnivasi Sangh, making it a main frontal organization of Phule-Ambedkarite movement.

Mulnivasi Sangh has its central office in New Delhi and its network is spread throughout India.



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