History & Timeline

History of Mulnivasi Sangh starts with the formation of Backward And Minority Communities Employees Association (BAMCEA) in Pune, Maharashtra in 1973, by Kanshiram Sahab and D.K. Khaparde Sahab. What we see today in the form of Mulnivasi Sangh is the result of a gradual evolution of ideology, organization, strategy, leadership and programs. The journey of how Phule- Ambedkarite Caravan was carried forward can be watched in Official Documentary, BAMCEF: Taking The Caravan Ahead. Following events depict key milestones in that journey.



1973Formation of BAMCEA



Formation of BAMCEF

Formation of All India Backward and Minority Communities Federation (BAMCEF) at New Delhi by Kanshiram Sahab and D.K.Khaparade Sahab.


Registration of BAMCEF

BAMCEF registered under Societies Registration Act.


Formation of Mulnivasi Sangh

Formation of Mulnivasi Sangh as an Off-Shoot Wing of BAMCEF under the leadership of D.K.Khaparde Sahab, in the year when United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 1993 as the International Year of the World's Indigenous People.


Formation of DKKMT

 Foundation stone of D.K.Khaparde Memorial Trust (DKKMT) was laid on February 29, 2004-death anniversary D.K.Khaparde Sahab-at Ringanabodi, Nagpur. DKKMT was formed with the purpose to undertake research, publication and training of cadres to strengthen the Phule-Ambedkarite movement. 


Registration of Mulnivasi Sangh

Mulnivasi Sangh registered under Societies Registration Act, in the year when Second United Nations International Decade began.


Merger of all Off-Shoot Wings in Mulnivasi Sangh

Mulnivasi Sangh re-conceptualized as the only Off-Shoot Wing of BAMCEF to build the mass movement for peaceful social revolution, when all other Off-Shoot Wings were merged in it.





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