•   Take the caravan of our forefathers ahead for the liberation of Mulnivasi Bahujans and for building a humane and glorious nation on the foundations of Phule – Ambedkarite ideology.
  •   Create awareness among the majority victim castes of the Brahminical Caste system that their exclusion in their own motherland is a conspiracy of the Brahminical ideology which was imposed by the minority Arya Brahmin outsiders resulting in their physical and mental slavery.
  •   Be an organization which not only fights for solving the tangible problems of the Mulnivasi Bahujans but also attacks their ideological enemy i.e. Brahminism which is responsible for creating those problems.
  •   Fight against gender discrimination, Brahminical imposition of subordination and subjugation of women and takes ahead the role model of Mulnivasi womenhood as espoused by the Phule – Ambedkarite ideology.
  •   Strive for the adequate and true representation of Mulnivasi Bahujans in all fields of public life – education, employment, bureaucracy and higher judiciary as fundamental right provided in the Constitution.
  •   Create awareness among the citizens about effective working of the democracy and for making their representatives responsible to the electorates.
  •   Defend the Constitutional goal of Secularism and harmonious existence of all citizens and expose the Brahminical conspiracies promoting hatred, division and animosity among the Mulnivasi Bahujans.
  •   Promote scientific temper and rationality among the citizens in order to realize their highest human potential.
  •   Bring the Mulnivasi Bahujans out of enforced poverty, deprivation and powerlessness.
  •   As an ideal social mobiliser, expose the policies of the ruling castes that resulted in multi-dimensional poverty and acute food insecurity to Mulnivasi Bahujans even after decades of implementation of the Constitution.
  •   Fight against gross neglect of the ruling castes in providing efficient public health care system, dismal budgetary allocations to health and hygiene and favoritism towards highly privatized corporate hospitals that bleed Mulnivasi Bahujans.
  •   Take up agitations for providing quality, equity and accessible education to all children by imparting higher skills. Demand increased public expenditure on education and oppose Brahminization of syllabi, pedagogy and system of education.
  •   Take on the anti – constitutional economic policies of governments that result in growth without development, welfare of few Corporate Houses at the cost of joblessness and deprivation of Mulnivasi Bahujans.
  •   Oppose the policies of the state to dole out natural resources of the country – Jamin, Jal, Jangle and minerals to rich businessmen thus depriving the Mulnivasi Bahujans of their livelihood.
  •    Work for State intervention in the promotion of entrepreneurship among the rural youth and for providing adequate agro-marketing facilities so that the teaming millions of MulnivasiBahujans are rescued from the clutches of deprivation.


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