Structure & Functioning

Mulnivasi Sangh (MS) is a cadre based organization. A Cadre is to organization what a cell is to body. Every cadre has a potential for leadership and is equally responsible rise and fall of organization. There is uniformity in thought, speech and action among all cadres. All leaders are necessarily cadres first and once finish their tenure of office bearer, they act as cadre. Thus by cadre based organization, we mean as against organization resting on the shoulders of few leaders and their large followers, this organization rests on the shoulders of large number of committed and competent cadres. For preparing our cadres for such onerous responsibility, we have created an elaborate system of training and mentoring at all levels. Apart from training every cadre has to follow certain discipline laid down by the organization over the course of its evolution.

MS is national level organization and works on the principle of internal democracy. The supreme forum in the organization is General Body (GB) which meets twice a year. All important national and state level office bearers and nominated members from the districts in proportion to their membership are represented in the general body. General Body lays down, approves or amends all policies, rules and regulations for achievement of the organizational objectives and for smooth running of the organization. For execution of all its decisions, General Body selects 21 Member Central Executive Committee (CEC) from experienced cadres across the country. CEC chooses from among it, all national level office bearers. These office bearers include National President, General Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer, Organization Secretary, Office Secretary etc. CEC meets every three months and takes all important decisions, ensures mobilization of resources and execution of GB and CEC decisions. The tenure of CEC is for two financial years. After the tenure is over, GB selects new CEC and in turn new office bearers. CEC also appoints State Presidents and CEC In-charge for particular State and in consultation with nominated State President selects State Executive Committee (SEC) which works in the same manner as that of CEC. Jurisdiction of SEC is only that particular state and its tenure is for one year. SEC appoints District Executive Committees in consultation with CEC In-charge of that State and similar process is followed for other bodies from Tahsil/Block level to village and ward level which are appointed for one year.

The main agenda of the organization is set by the GB and under this, CEC creates programs and plans of action for the whole year. This agenda and plan of action is followed by state, district and sub-district units. Within this broad agenda and plan of action, creative energy of cadres is used to chalk out & execute more detailed program on day to day basis. It is the village and ward unit which forms the backbone of the organization and is in direct contact with people on a day to day basis. Since MS is national level organization, it has a pan India presence. It takes issues which are of national significance and have far reaching implications.

The discipline and proper communication system ensures that entire organization from national to village/ward level is aligned with the objectives and ideology of the organization.Working style of the MS is attuned to educate the masses from Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj, to organize them and to prepare them for struggle for creation of a just society. Our main concern is the people residing in villages & small habitations in rural India and those staying in slums in urban India as it is they who have been bearing the brunt of the caste system.



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